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Van Random Speaks

Life doesn't get any better than this... it gets much worse.

3/2/12 03:01 pm - March 2 2012

My Birthday was the 23rd of February, and Mamaw's was yesterday. Went out to eat today with Mother and Mamaw and Jeremiah and Mother was probably drinking to begin with and got a giant margarita extra strong and got even drunker and started fucking with me and humiliated me in front of Jeremiah and made a real ass out of me and herself especially.

Only $350.00 stand between me and my driver's license. I am ready to get it back. I'm ready to ditch this life of being stuck.

I have a new friend, a young man friend, and I like him, and he likes me. I hope to fall in love. We really like each other so far. His name is Justin and he is a dollface.

Jeremiah's foot is healing up well it seems. On the 10th he will have a walking cast put on.

I've been seeing Uncle Tim some lately, and have been talking to Father a little bit as well. I need to get this money up for the Driver's license fee, I'm so close----sooooooo close!

1/28/12 09:18 pm

Jeremiah is all crippled up right now. Even worse than he was. Besides that, until Tuesday he will be without internet, and his phone gets poor service at his new house. I gotta say, I miss the hell outta Jeremiah when he is certifiably unavailable.
Of course, on that note I've been chronically missing Julia, Heather, Philip, and Stephen. Only Philip and Stephen have always been somewhat fleeting in their nature, where being in touch is concerned. They are still missed though. I like to have my friends constantly available, and the older I get, the more I find that this is next to impossible when you have such mature friends in comparison to yourself.

1/27/12 03:43 pm - It's been a long time, hasn't it?

I figured I'd just rip back into it. I might can even manage this on my phone at times, not sure yet.
I guess what's on my mind right now is that Jeremiah just had his foot surgery yesterday, and it's causing him catastrophic pain. And we're supposed to go up to RedBug (Julia's husband Nick's family property near Valley, AL) next week and visit, sort of meeting in the middle as Julia lives in Huntsville at present. And she is supposed to be bringing Jessie down with her. But I'm thinking right now that Jay is going to be in such pain still by next week as to not be able to travel.
Yesterday I went to that Harmonex place in Dothan to be evaluated for participation in a bipolar study there, they'll be giving me some drug called Latuda in conjunction with Lithium to try and control my dramatic mood cycles.

11/4/09 03:23 am - Peanut Festival was great

I had much fun.
Saw many good looking young men... albeit, most of them either were with their girlfriend or in a cluster of some sort.

Two guys may possibly have given me some attention, but nothing outside the realm of just general interest.

Never matter.

I did run into a couple of fellers I've knowed for a few years, though. That was pleasant. They also have a CD of more than 20 of my old tracks that I lost, which I hope to be able to procure.

Jeremiah persuaded me to ride many rides that I would never have otherwise considered. These rides being the ones that flip you upside down at some point. Like, the Zipper, this one thing I can't think of the name of, and the Ring of Fire.

The one I can't think of the name of looked the worst of all. It was these poles loaded with chairs and it took you way up in the air and basically did nothing BUT spin and flip you round in circles. But that was after Jeremiah had conditioned me with the zipper.

See, me and Heather went on the Zipper one year, and I think our cage flipped maybe twice on its own (definitely not because one of us did it) and lost a lot of shit out of my jacket pockets. I remembered it as being not nearly as bad as it looked.

Well, that was until Jay got me on the thing. He flipped that thing over and over probably 25 times while we were on it. And the whole time he was barking out elated responses to his own actions.

I wasn't *scared*, as I knowed I wasn't gonna get hurt, but the feeling was nonetheless pretty awful.

I say this, though I smiled through most of it.

The second one looked the worst, but the Ring of Fire deal was pretty bad, too. But again, it ended up being fun in spite of my apprehensions

Lots of free smokeless tobacco. Hell yeah.

11/3/09 03:40 pm - Peanut Festival

Going tonight.
I am looking very good. Perhaps I can put pics up later.

I'm excited.

8/18/09 09:51 pm

I ain't really got nowhere to live, still. I been posted up with T.T. for a minute, and it ain't right for me to keep doin' like that.

I also now know a Mrs. McElhaney ;-)

I been workin' with Tim lately, fixing to start a job on Saturday that pays 10 dollars an hour. That's all right. May be fixing to do more jobs that just that, comin' up soon, since Tim knows the hookups on all that and seems to be able to use the help. I know I need the money.

I need to get food stamps. Disability. Housing.

It's easy, and yet it seems so huge and difficult to me.

Anyhow, there's more I could post but I ain't feelin' it right now.
More later.

7/28/09 11:13 pm - A Most Important Mention

Van Jew, my dearest, is facing a lot of personal crises lately--. I know she'll get through it all, cause she's tough... but nonetheless I wanted to mention it. Pray for her, like I do, because I love her.
What would I do without her? And what would I do without her being happy?

7/28/09 07:17 pm

Okay, so, this is the way things are...
I am back to the point of havin' no place to live on a permanant basis. I had been livin' out in Arguta for the longest now, thinkin' it was a permanant dwelling, at least for a year or thereabouts....
But out of fucking NOWHERE, the crazy bitch I've been working for in exchange for my dwelling just decided to rent it out to somebody. And what really chaps my ass the most is that I gave her the number to where I was working (working, to pay my light bill) in case she needed me. Well, she got an offer for the rent of that place and she called my MOTHER, my GRANDMOTHER, and JULIA!!! Not to mention she called some deacon or preacher or something named John Ross about my "legal trouble" and called a fucking homeless shelter "for me".
FUCK LINDA CLIFFORD is all I have to say. My Mother and Mamaw have all been "Well don't be hateful to her, it's not her fault, she's not wrapped too tight" and "She can't help it, her mind is all messed up"
Fuck that. I know how she is, and I know how it is. She saw a chance to make a little money, which I can empathize with, but where in the fuck do they do this shit? The shit where they invite you to stay with them, then constantly praise their work, and then throw them out when they get something that sounds a little better? That ought to have been in the arrangement.

But, that little house ain't even supposed to be a dwelling, as it is on a level 3 power bill. Also, I never signed no contract or agreement of any sort, so if she wanted to she could nail my ass to the wall if I was to start something, which I ain't even thought of doing...

But I tell you this much, she's REALLY pushing it, as far as I'm concerned, with this Miss Nicey-nice McSweetyface bullshit she's playing on my Mother. Which, thank GOD mother can see through it... but the thing is, it's not hard to see through. What burns my ass about it is that she's even going through the motions. You can clearly tell that she doesn't realize how fucking dumb she looks when she thinks she's being extra slick.

So, really, it boils down to the same classic-ass case of me trusting someone too fucking much. It ain't a case of me needing her though, and again, thank God, because if my life depended on her lunatic ass I'd be a fuckin' corpse.

More later.

7/1/09 07:21 am - About it all

Trying to post in spite of crashes

Michael Jackson's death has affected me deeply, more than I can express.

I want to say so much but am unable just now.

more later

6/19/09 01:07 pm - Man, let me tell you what.

Hey y'all.
<+FoxBoy> hey van
* ChanServ sets mode: +o FoxBoy
Man, let me tell you what.
I came about a nuthair from gettin' arrested last night
<@FoxBoy> wow
Apparantly, my young friend who was driving didn't have a tag on the truck, nor a license.
And he also had warrants out for his arrest on a failure to appear
<@FoxBoy> you know, this isn't a good place to be looking for lawyers
I got warrants, but they're county warrants so the city didn't fool with me too much this time
And the cop saw the inside of my briefcase and saw all my tattoo equipment and we got into a good conversation on ink
Which may have helped my case immensely, because the cop said I was good to go and that I could walk back to where I came from.
So I got lucky.
Naw, I ain't needin' no lawyer. I ain't in no trouble, for a change.
These was two newer city cops, neither of them knew who I was.
<@FoxBoy> ok
Boy but they walked up and identified my driver immediately, by first middle and last name.
Kinda lame.

As it were, Josh called me today before I got back home. They hauled him off, assumably to jail, for a failure to appear for a seatbelt ticket--which is dumb because it ain't but a 10 dollar ticket. But nonetheless, it's a failure to appear and they will haul you to jail over it. I reckon he got out though, because as I said, he did call today from his cellular.

I did an awesome-ass tattoo on his arm yesterday, too. It says his first name one way and his last name when you turn it upside down... An ambigram.

He had his dog with him, Baby, and I reckon he was supposed to have his grandmother get the dog and/or the truck. I knowed they were about to tow it, anyhow. Sad thing. I hope he's all right, which I reckon he is, I just hope he didn't get into no real big doo-doo.

Anyway, I need to get back on the ball with this um, um, um, updating my LJ shit. They ain't no reason not to, seein' as how I have the time and the connection. I used to update every couple of days or even more at a time. At any rate, I'm fixin' to wrap this up for the time being.

More later.
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